When you run an office you have two aspects to consider in maintaining the office space.

Firstly, you have your staff coming and going, day in, and day out so the place is sure to get dirty and need to be cleaned regularly.

Secondly you also have your customers and clients, potential employees and other interested parties coming into your office space.

At Feather Lady Cleaning we understand that your office must remain clean at all times. We also know that you need the office space to look clean and pristine. It is the first place that people see and the place that your staff and visitors spend the most time.

We have a passion for ensuring that the appearance of offices is well maintained.

Our team of commercial cleaners are well trained, and go through training specific to office cleaning. They will be educated and given the knowledge necessary for cleaning an office.

We offer a variety of cleaning packages for our corporate clients and can come at the frequency that you desire.

Feather Lady Cleaning provides a high level cleaning service and we are committed to keeping your office clean and maintaining hygiene standards. Our cleaners are committed and hard working, with the intention of delivering a top service to clients.

Our cleaners can clean your premises during the day, or if you’d prefer they can come at night time.

Our regular office cleaning service includes:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathrooms
  • Clearing rubbish
  • Vacuuming carpets
  • Wiping down surfaces

These are the areas that are most used by your staff and people prefer to work in a clean environment than a dirty one. We want to ensure that your office is spotless for your staff so they enjoy coming to work. If we come at night time to clean the office then our aim is to ensure your staff like coming into the office and working at a nice clean space.

When we are assigned to clean your office we will use the highest quality cleaning products that are environmentally friendly and that will do the best possible job.

Our cleaning staff are attentive and we have systems in place so that different cloths are used on different surfaces. For example, we will never clean your kitchen with the same cloths as in the bathroom. We will separate everything to maintain hygiene standards.

Our cleaners are high professional and highly motivated, with a view to client satisfaction.

We can tailor our office cleaning services to suit your needs at Feather Lady Cleaning.

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